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    CHANDRAGUPTA is a historical charecter of ancient India. This play is all about the war of chandragupta against his step brother and also enemy Nanda and other Greek kings. Apart from this, love and sacrifice also took place in this play. All over, it is an awesome creation of D.L.Roy.

RAKTOKAROBI (RED OLEANDERS) of Rabindranath Tagore

    Yakshapuri or the abode of Yaksha does not specify any certain place. Yakshapuri finds it's presence through out the ages as a timeless spirit where human being sacrifices his personality at the alter of mechanized life giving up his individual and independant pleasure and salvation. RAKTOKAROBI gives this pleasure. this story is based on a revolution against the capitalists.


EBONG INDRAJEET(And Indrajeet) by Badal Sircar

    Renowned playwriter, director and the inventor of third theatre Badal Sircar's EBONG INDRAJEET gives us a superb concept about the circular way of our life. We born, and after a long chaos of life, we die. Main charecter INDRAJEET wants to free from this circle but the society does not allow him to do so.

SWARGORAM by Pinaki Guha

    SWARGORAM is a full comedy drama that contains charming dialogues and a beautiful message at last. It is all about goddess Durga and her family and it's based on mahalaya- the pre-puja festival.

HATTOMALAR OPARE(Beyond Hattomala) by Badal Sarkar
   The concept of equalism is the summary of this play. Two thieves travel through a strange land where opulence has no any value, where people works for each other. The storyline goes through several funny experience of those thieves and at last it reaches to the conclusion, which is the solve of all problems in our society.

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KRISHNAGAR RUPKATHA is helping child labours. Their plays are - BHALOBASA, TAK DUMA DUM DUM, CHATRER PORIKKHA.  The drama SUDHA is all about a protest against child labours.

Lets raise your voice against child-labour. We have to make our country clean and educated.

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